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Michael A. Cook, AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America) has 20+ years experience as a certified personal fitness trainer, and is owner of and runs the East Sacramento Training & Wellness Studio.  As a regular contributor to Sacramento's former MGW Newspaper, Michael interviewed and wrote on health and fitness related topics.  Below are articles from Michael's popular long standing column.

Follow An Effective Exercise Routine
Use the Buddy System
Make A Plan Fit Your Lifestyle
Secret Exercise Plan
Fueling Your Workouts
Working With Experts
Finding Time To Make Fitness Happen
Top 10 Reasons To Exercise
The Best Workout Time
Spot Reduction: Fact or Fiction?
Trainers and Gyms
The Body Clock
Eat to Sleep
Cortisol, Stress, and Weight Loss
Exercise: Too Much, Too Soon
Fitness Trends: Pros and Cons
Safe Exercise Guidelines
Do You Need A Personal Trainer
Scheduling and Following A Consistent Exercise Routine
A Low Fat Thanksgiving
Fitness Resolutions Happen Anytime

Trainer's Corner

WANTED: Personal Trainers!  Part-Time Space Available Now!

Work inside one of Sacramento's most exclusive private and unique fitness studios.  Fitness Happens is a completely private, fully-equipped training facility available to Certified Personal Trainers with established clientele.

Are you a Certified Personal Trainer looking for a new facility to train your established clientele as an independent contractor?

• Are you ready, willing and able to?
• Leave the large health club scene?
• Start your own personal training business?
• Be your own boss?
• Control your future and build a rewarding career?
• Pay yourself more money than what large health clubs are paying?
• Work smarter for yourself, not harder for someone else? 

If you answered yes?  We might have the solution for you here at Fitness Happens East Sacramento Training Facility.

Fitness Happens was founded in 1994 and has 20+ years of continuous operation. We take pride in our facility as being truly independently owned and operated without any corporate shareholder interest or any mass-produced franchise involvement.

• No micro-managing franchises, club managers, staff, etc.
• No savvy sales quotas or marketing gimmicks.
• No "Before you leave" side work responsibilities.
• No middleman. All client checks are made out to your business.
• No long term facility rental contracts.
• No client enrollment, initiation or miscellaneous fees.
• No start-up facility overhead.
• No waiting in line for equipment.  Ever!

We Offer:

• State-of-the-art commercial grade machine resistance, cardio equipment, free weights and more.
• Bottled water and towel service are included.
• Free ample client parking at building entrance.
• Easy freeway access to Hwy 50, Bus 80, 99, plus Downtown convenience. 
• A full service professional building. The building, front lobby, common areas, our facility and restrooms are neat and professionally cleaned daily. 
• Practically everything you need to operate your business and train your clients. 
• A professional private facility for a nominal fee.

Personal Trainer Certification or its equivalent, current CPR Certification, and a minimum client base are required. Part-time space is now available for one self-motivated individual.  Fees for training your clients at Fitness Happens are based on actual hours used and not a flat rate for hours you may or may not have used.  For new and relocating certified personal trainers we offer the Fitness Happens East Sacramento Training Facility on a per-client basis. 

For more information about our private facility, space availability, low rates, and more, CALL US NOW at (916) 813-9009.  Ask for Michael Cook, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

All of the certified personal fitness trainers at Fitness Happens are self-employed individuals who pay a fee for the use of the Fitness Happens facility for the training of their own private clientele.  All personal trainers operate their businesses as independent contractors and are not employees of Fitness Happens.  Fitness Happens, The East Sacramento Training Facility, and are solely owned and operated by Personal Fitness Trainer, Michael A. Cook.



Fitness Happens requires a personal training certification (or its equivalent) and recommends the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), a nationally recognized certifying authority, for those who are not certified and would like more information. AFAA offers accredited, industry-recognized certifications including personal trainer certification, continuing education, and much more.

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