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I actually look forward to my workouts with Mike, because he makes my workouts fun. Mike uses his knowledge and experience to create well-balanced exercise routines that are specifically tailored to my needs and fitness goals.

Unlike my experience in crowded gyms, I'm much more inclined to workout 1-on-1 with Mike in his private facility. I've found Gym/Club personal trainers follow the mantras: No Pain-No Gain and How Hard Can We Beat-Up This Guy. Whereas, Mike is a professional; genuinely interested in me, my goals and progress. I also like that he doesn't sell a single product.

If you want results, call Mike.

Gary D - Accounting

I started with Mike about three months ago and it has been a great experience. While I been physically active all my life (swim team, cross country, track, etc), with Mike I believe I have reached my best physical shape so far. I believe there are several reasons why Mike has been so effective.

First, he is extremely professional, competent and knowledgeable. He is able to articulate to me why certain exercises are better than others, and what techniques minimize strain and injury. He has excellent insights into all aspects of physical fitness, including food tips.

Second, he is an excellent listener and observer. From day one I really felt that Mike wanted to customize each session around me - I know that he is acutely aware of my strengths and weaknesses. At the start of each session, Mike will ask me how I feel and will adjust the session according to any aches or pains I might be experiencing. His workout plans are not copy and pasted from a manual; every time I walk in, I know I will be getting a workout tailored to me. I have never gotten injured while working out with Mike despite exercising hard- a testament to Mike's personal attention.

Third, Mike is one of the most friendly and caring trainers I've ever met. His cheerful attitude is contagious and helps brighten my day. Mike helps keep me honest in my workouts by giving me positive feedback when I'm doing things right, and correcting me if my technique become sloppy. He is a great motivator who encourages you to make the most of your time.

I personally find exercising in general to be boring, but Mike has managed to make each session interesting by varying routines and types of exercises - he likes to keep you on your toes. It is also a pleasure to exercise in Mike's clean, versatile, and well-maintained studio. There are very few trainers that will be able to give you such a personalized attention that will help you maximize your performance like Mike does.

I will be leaving the Sacramento area in the near future, and Mike's workout sessions will be one of the things I will miss the most. If you want a great trainer, motivator, and friend - check out Mike Cook.

Thank you Mike!

Disclaimer: Aside from being his client, I have no conflicts of interest with Mike. I have not and will not receive any incentives for writing this review.

James L. - Student

I have been training with Mike at Fitness Happens for months now in order to create a healthier and safer workout routine that I can't get by joining a large gym and being left alone to exercise. I have a history of weakness in both knees and shoulders and Mike has formulated entire workout circuits specific to my needs and continues to ensure that I am lifting and exercising in a manner that does not stress my weaknesses and still allows me to get in shape. Mike spends his time outside of our meetings creating and perfecting circuits which makes the time I spend training with him more efficient and effective. I have been exercising for years on my own and only recently does my routine feel correct and evenly distributed on my body. I get the same workout results from an hour with Mike as I would with two hours in a gym so he's saving me time which is critical to me schedule as a small business owner. Plus he's a great motivator and always keeps me in shape by being active about keeping a normal exercise routine.

Jesse L. - Contractor

Michael offers personalized and flexible workouts in a totally private exercise studio, which is something that I could not find anywhere else in Sacramento. Michael's gym has a comfortable personal feeling, convenient, and most importantly, private...I am free, for the first time in months, from back pain. Thanks to you I feel more energetic, less tired, and happier. My energy level is always higher when I leave, than when I come in.

Scott O. - High School Principal

I have been training with Michael Cook on and off for three years. With Michael, I prepare for a two-week white water adventure down the Grand Canyon for my fiftieth birthday. Mike's individualized program provided me with the endurance and strength I needed for paddling as well as hiking up steep canyon walls. Thanks Mike!

Sharon L. - Women's Health

You were referred to me by my private physician. During our year together I have met and exceeded a number of my objectives. My blood pressure has been reduced and my strength increased. I am convinced that your tutelage as my personal trainer is responsible.

Eric M. - Tax Lawyer

Coach Cook of Fitness Happens is the main element in my program to stave off old age. I appreciate that Michael doesn't push you past a certain level. I'm a 80 year-old person, that has problems of pains on the occasional day, Michael is sensitive to this and is quick to defer any exercise that would make things worse or painful. Thanks to Michael, currently I am free of lower back pain. He's a person that cares.

Dick M. - Accountant

The #1 Personal Trainer in Sacramento. I have been a client since 1996. I have never been in better shape in my life. Michael's expertise and flexibility to accommodate my hectic schedule has truly allowed me to meet my fitness goals and reduce the stresses in my life.

Dallas M. - Wedding Events

Thank you for working with me and making my exercises safe, comfortable and fun. I would not have done it without you.

Elizabeth K. - School Teacher

I have been working with Michael three days a week for over one year, and can say that this experience has had a lasting impact on my life. A unique program where pumping iron is giving people an emotional and psychological lift. Every once in a while you come across someone who makes a difference. Michael Cook is one such person.

Tim K. - Budget Analyst

Michael is a great motivator. There is no one out there like him. I have found my first positive experience with exercise. Michael has the ability to nurture, encourage and tap into one's psyche, as nobody in health clubs had achieve. I actually look forward to our evening workouts.

Patrick W. - Corporate Claims

One of the best things I do for myself when I walk in the door. I find that I'm more relaxed and energetic after my 60 minute evening workout than when I arrived at Fitness Happens. No gym attitude at Michael's gym, I'm not comfortable in the gyms, but Fitness Happens works.

Jim A. - Nurse Practitioner

The Fitness Happens studio has a relaxed, personal feeling that removes the anxieties and pressures typically associated with large health clubs. Mike's approach is both refreshing and innovative and conducive to maintaining a lifelong program of physical fitness. It's easy to keep motivated with Mike. More enjoyable than one would expect to find in a workout environment.

Ron H. - Computer Technical

Michael Cook has a great "no nonsense" style to training his clients. His overall enthusiasm for health and fitness has made him the perfect personal trainer for someone like me.

Daniel W. - HMO

I just want to thank you. As a business woman with a very demanding work schedule, my visits with Michael Cook have been invaluable. The Fitness Happens approach is unique, which is probably why it works. Michael is less focused on "no pain no gain" and more focused on making exercise enjoyable.

Martie D. - SMUD

Fitness guru Michael Cook trains his clients to attain physical well being...a healthy mind and body. I can emphatically state that Michael's guidance has changed my life. His is the only one that I have stayed with consistently for 4 years.

Dan R. - Hairstylist

Fitness Happens offers a unique private setting and approach to personal training. Michael Cook offers plenty of personal motivation and carefully designed workout programs that break through the barriers that can prevent individuals from enjoying the benefits of a fitness program.

Charles C. - Interiors Designer

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